What Does MGDT Do?

We partner with small artists to take care of the business side of things for their creations. From crafting merchandise to traveling to conventions to sell in person.

You Create. We sell.

With this, we create a community of connected artists and a place to find and buy those hidden gems.

Who Runs MGDT?

John McCorkle (CEO)

I grew up in a household where creativity was something to be celebrated and explored. But with a less than admirable artistic ability, I decided to take my fondness of the creatively inclined with me into the business world. I expanded my skill sets into IT, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship in hopes of paying homage to the values I was raised with.

Starting MGDT I can now combine the two by helping real artists bridge the gap from creative talent to making it big!

Grey Bergeron (Creative Director and In-House Artist)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved artistry. Whether I am crafting, drawing, painting, etc. I cannot stop creating. I went to a university in hopes of obtaining a bachelors degree in art. I felt like the formal education was doing everything but making me create. I didn't want to lose the one thing I truly loved, so I dropped out to search for other opportunities.

When my good friend, now our CEO, approached me with the idea of “My Girlfriend Drew This”, I fell in love and dropped everything. I knew this was what I was looking for. As creative director, my goal is to recruit artists just like me, who want to find what they’ve been craving in the art industry!

Squalla McCorkle (COO)

I have been inspired by the many forms art can take since I was young. How these creations can span across time, culture, and have so many hands that shape its meaning. As such, I have never been able to pick just one method of expression as my favorite.

Hearing about the inception of My Girlfriend Drew This, I found a way to combine my fondness for artwork as well as my individual talents to make a difference in the lives of these creative pioneers.

I am delighted to work in tandem with artists, industry professionals, and other passionate individuals to learn about the facets of this expressive world.